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Friday, December 17, 2010

kIm hyUng jOon :)

2010 MBC Playful Kiss   
Director : Hwang In-Rhe
Script : Ko Eun-Nim
Cast : Kim Hyun-Joong(Baek Seung Cho), Jung So-Min(Oh Ha-Ni) and Lee Tae-Sung(Bong Joon-Goo)
Official Website :
Kiss is one of many ways to express affection in Human either physically or directly.
Love Between Parent and Child, Showing Expression between Teacher and Pupil, making of Erotic love between Man and Woman. There are so many meaning and complexity a kiss contains with relationship of a human.
This is a story of a couple in premature adolescent days connected through a naughty kiss by Traveling to find their identity and a story many of us have gone through.
Also a love story connected with memory of thrill and flutter deep down the heart.

2009 KBS Boys over Flowers   
Director : Jun Ki-Sang
Script : Yoon Ji-Ryun
Cast : Kim Hyun-Joong(Yoon Ji-Hoo), Lee Min-Ho(Goo Joon-Pyo),Kim Bum(So E-Jung) and Goo Hye-Sun(Geum Jan-D)
Official Website :
This lovely drama is about a girl from a working class family transfers to escalator school populated by children and older youths from rich, high-society families meets 4 Handsome boys the Flower 4 leader and son of the wealthiest, most powerful family.
This Drama has already been broadcasted in Japan and Taiwan.

2005 KBS Can Love be Refilled?   
Director : Lee Jae-Woo
Script : Kim Joon-A
Cast : Kim Hyun-Joong( William HJ), Byun Jung-Soo( Hong Jin-Joo), Byun Woo-Min( Choi Sang-Tae)
Official Website :
Jin-Joo is a single woman with an appearance and job everyone one else would envy but has a sour taste due to divorce.
Meanwhile Sun-Joo her sister is a house wife with out good education and incompetent often dreams of a deviation. Besides them are the love of their life watching their back.
Other side there’s Dong-Woo a man who Couldn’t keep there marriage because of clumsy love is an ex-husband of Jin-Joo.
Sang-Tae is husband of Sun-Joo with good education and competent but conservative.
To them love is not passionate as burning fire anymore but an energy of life and trust they have to build together one step at a time


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